Air Sex Championships

It’s a magical blend of coordination, showmanship, humor, and interactive storytelling.

It’s a comedy show that brings people together in a respectfully dirty, unpredictably ridiculous, and oddly touching celebration of sexual freedom and expression.

It’s neon-lit gyrating silhouettes. It’s organized confusion. It’s voyeurism 2.0.

It’s the funniest thing you ever saw that night at that place with those people.

It’s a serious competition to see who can fake-f*ck nobody better than anybody else.

This is Air Sex.

Friday, September 13th:
All contestants must be registered by 9:00pm
Competition begins at 9:30pm
Saturday, September 14th:
All contestants must be registered by 9:30pm
Competition begins at 10:00pm

To enter, register for FREE at the ticket sales booth at the convention. Contestants mush be 18 years of age or older and willing to embarrass yourself on stage.

Exhibitions will be judged on: Creativity and the ability to convince the audience/judges that there is actually another person/entity on stage with you.