Bizhan Khodabandeh is a visual communicator who moves freely across the professional boundaries as designer, illustrator, and artist. His works vary from small graphic art projects to major public campaigns. Khodabandeh is particularly fascinated by how art and design can be a catalyst for social change.

He has received numerous international and national awards for his design work, including a silver medal through the Society of Illustrators, placing in the Adbusters’ One Flag Competition, the Good 50×70’s poster project, The Green Patriot poster project, Poster for Tomorrow, and recognition by the American Institute for Graphic Arts. Khodabandeh has had work featured in publications such as Print, Creativity International, Adbusters, among others. Currently Khodabandeh freelances under the name, Mended Arrow and teaches at VCU ‘s Robertson School of Media and Culture.

Seminar: Comic Considerations; A guide for Sequential Image

Attendees will work alongside instructor and learn an introduction to the mechanics of comics. Character design, Storytelling, pacing, layout and composition will be discussed.

Student Materials:

Paper (comic page/inking paper/illustration board)
Preferred inking or coloring material (cro-quill/pens/copics)

Schedule: Sunday, October 2nd. 1PM – 4PM

Price: $100

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