Continental Divide

Twenty years ago, a humble and successful restaurant pioneer opened Continental Divide along an under-developed stretch of West Main St. in Charlottesville, VA, offering affordable Southwestern comfort food and the most extensive tequila selection in the city. West Main St. was not a high traffic area and the façade of the cozy, ten table restaurant was so nondescript that it was only recognizable by the glowing neon sign in the window that simply read, “Get In Here”. Focusing on quality food with great service in a lively, energetic atmosphere, Continental Divide became an instant hit drawing from both the University of Virginia circuit and local Charlottesville residents. It was crowded, it was loud, and it was the place to be if you were “in the know”. Now there are two locations with the second one located in Richmond, Virginia’s historic neighborhood the “Fan”. Both serve up the same delicious food and margaritas.