Contract, Terms & Conditions (Artist)

  1. The Artist agrees to comply with all rules and guidelines set forth by RVA Tattoo Arts LLC and the DoubleTree Hotel Richmond-MidlothianRemoval from the event is at the discretion of the event organizers, and all deposits and/or payments will be forfeited. This is a family friendly event. Please act accordingly.
  2. The Artist, if tattooing on premises, agrees to use single use needles and inks, certified sharps containers for disposal, follow recognized professional tattooing standards, and maintain a clean work station. This includes properly bagging contaminated waste each day for removal and closing down your booth before departing each night.
  3. The Artist understands that the sale of tattoo machines, inks, and/or equipment to the general public is forbidden, and in violation of this contract. Any violation of this contract may result in the immediate removal from the event.
  4. The Artist agrees to comply and follow all sterilization standards and regulations set by the DPOR of Virginia. This includes obtaining a temporary out of state license from DPOR of Virginia.
  5. The Artist agrees to not alter the size of the booth assigned to them. The Artist also agrees not to tape, nail, or use other adhesion methods to puncture and/or damage the Property of the DoubleTree Hotel or RVA Tattoo Arts LLC.  If damages are incurred, the Artist agrees to reimburse the DoubleTree Hotel or RVA Tattoo Arts LLC. This includes damages caused by themselves, their agents, employees, subcontractors, and guests.
  6. Each booth accommodates two Artists, and is defined as follows: A pipe and drape area with one (1) 8′ table, one (1) 6′ table, four (4) chairs, two (2) trashcans, and an electrical hookup. Placement of booth within floor plan is at the discretion of RVA Tattoo Arts LLC. Any additional material provided to the Artist(s) is at the discretion of the promoter. All booth mates must be vetted, and approved by RVA Tattoo Arts LLC.
  7. Fee paid for each half-booth rental includes the cost of admission for one (1) artist, and one (1) helper to the Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival. Two (2) weekend passes will be provided. If additional weekend passes are required, they can be purchased for $30.00.
  8. Payment in full is due, within one month of receiving the application. Please be aware the event is booked on a first come, first serve basis and space is limited.
  9. This contract may not be altered except by amending the agreement in writing, and agreed to by all parties/agents involved including RVA Tattoo Arts LLC and the DoubleTree Hotel.
  10. Each obligation or agreement of a party contained in this contract, even though not expressed as a covenant, is considered for all purposes to be a covenant.
  11. Artists selling any merchandise have been provided with a Temporary Sales Tax Certificate/Return ST-50 form. You are required by law to file tax with the Commonwealth of Virginia on all retail sales made in Virginia.