Contract, Terms & Conditions

  1. The Street Artist(s) agrees to comply with all rules and guidelines set forth by RVA Tattoo Arts LLC and the DoubleTree Hotel Richmond-MidlothianRemoval from the event is at the discretion of the event organizers, and all deposits and/or payments will be forfeited. This is a family friendly event. Please act accordingly. Please make sure that your design reflects a family friendly environment.
  2. The Street Artist(s) agrees to not alter the size of the space assigned to them. The Street Artist(s) also agrees not to tape, nail, or use other adhesion methods to puncture and/or damage the Property of the DoubleTree Hotel or RVA Tattoo Arts LLC. If damages are incurred, the Street Artist(s) agrees to reimburse the DoubleTree Hotel or RVA Tattoo Arts LLC. This includes damages caused by themselves, their agents, employees, subcontractors, and guests.
  3. Each Street Artist space is defined as follows: A 6′ x 6′ area in the outside Hotel Parking lot. Placement of space within floor plan is at the discretion of RVA Tattoo Arts LLC. Any additional material provided to the Street Artist(s) is at the discretion of the promoter.
  4. Each space includes the cost of admission for one (1) Street Artist, and one (1) helper to the Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival. Two (2) laminates, and two (2) wristbands will be provided. If additional wristbands are required, they can be purchased for $10.00 a day.
  5. The Street Artist(s) agrees to paint all three days of the event throughout the duration of each day. If for whatever reason the Street Artist(s) can not commit to all three days, they will inform RVA Tattoo Arts LLC so that plans can be made accordingly. If the Street Artist(s) leaves early without notice they may not be invited to subsequent conventions.
  6. The Street Artist(s) give RVA Tattoo Arts LLC the right to photograph and use the Street Artist(s) artwork for promotional purposes in future shows.
  7. All pieces will be auctioned off for charity of RVA Tattoo Arts LLC’s choice after the event concludes.
  8. This contract may not be altered except by amending the agreement in writing, and agreed to by all parties/agents involved including RVA Tattoo Arts LLC and the DoubleTree Hotel.
  9. Each obligation or agreement of a party contained in this contract, even though not expressed as a covenant, is considered for all purposes to be a covenant.