I am a tattoo artist at Stay Humble Tattoo Company in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve always wanted to create a tattoo shop in Baltimore and I’ve been working tirelessly to grow my business. When it comes to my work I am not afraid to admit that I want to be the best tattoo artist not only in Baltimore or Maryland, but in the entire world. I’ve been recognized by The Baltimore Sun as one of “Baltimore’s best tattoo artists” and I’ve been featured in countless magazines and interviews; I’ve also won many awards for my work. Those things mean nothing without the amazing clients I get to work with everyday. Tattooing is one of the few art forms where the artist relies on another person to make their work come to life.

I work hard. Really hard. You deserve it, your tattoo demands it, and I will not accept anything less from myself. My tattoo style tends to be a blend of bold color, sharp contrast, and intricate line work. I also do black and grey portrait tattoos. Most of my work is illustrated realism, which is a blend of stylized images with some realistic aspects. I also enjoy doing neo-traditional, japanese traditional, and american traditional tattoos.

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