Headliner Agreement

We’re super stoked to have you be our featured headliner for this years Richmond Tattoo, Art and Music Festival!  This is going to be our best year EVER!!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please feel free to reach out to me (Jesse) directly at 804-548-5690 or you can email me at [email protected]

Contact Info

Compensation for Attendance

To compensate you for your attendance we will be paying you $18,000. (Please fill out one of the two fields below to indicate how it is that you would like to receive funds)
This booth will hold six artists total and will Include 9x Weekend Passes. 6 for the artists and 3 for any helpers, friends, clients, etc. Please list all attending artists below.
We will provide you with 2 Suites for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.
We will provide you with transportation to and from the airport via a Lyft Code. (We will provide you with this link a couple days prior to the event)
Jesse will give Ryan a cute little sketch of a Flying Sloot Mouse beautifully framed and ready to hang 🙂
Jesse will get two friendship bracelets for him and Maddy to wear for eternity!!

In Return for all of the above Ryan Ashley will.....

Ryan will let her followers know that she will be attending the Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival at least 8 times between the signing of this agreement and the day of the convention.

1) One telling everyone that she has just agreed to attend the convention (as soon as possible)

2) One reminding everyone to come see her this coming Oct (around Mayish)

3) One reminding everyone to come see her this coming Oct (around Augustish)

4) One reminding people that she will be attending and if they'd like to attend her "Meet and Greet" then they can do so by snagging up a VIP ticket using the link in bio (about a month before the con)

5) Another one similar to the one above (two weeks before the con)

6) Maybe one documenting her trip to Richmond (the day before the con)

7) A daily story telling everyone she is at the con (During the con)

8) a post about how awesome the con was (assuming she enjoys herself 😉 after the con

Ryan will do 2x "Meet and Greets" at the Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival (Dates and Times to be discussed at a later date). We will provide a room for her to do so. (If you need anything specific for this room please let us know as soon as you can)
Leading up to the convention we will have our publicist reaching out to local news stations, radio stations, magazines, etc. If Ryan wouldn't mind accommodating anyone who reaches out about our con that would be appreciated. We will also be lining up a bunch of radio and news interviews for the Thurs/Fri before the convention and would like for her to participate.
We will be producing a promo video to promote the event and would appreciate it if she would narrate it. We'd basically give here a short script to essentially talk about the show, the dates, meet and greet, etc. The video will only be about 1 minute long so it probably won't be more than 45 seconds of talking. (We could probably merge this with one of the social media posts above to make it easier on her)
This is the only tattoo convention that Ryan Ashley will be working in the U.S. for the entirety of 2023.
If for whatever reason Ryan Ashley cannot make it to the Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival we ask that she gives us as much notice as possible. We would also need her to create a video communicating to her followers that she will no longer be attending and lastly, we would like a guarantee that she will attend the following year for 25% less than her original asking price.

Event Requirements

All artists are required to have a valid Virginia Tattoo License. If they do not, they must apply for a temporary license via the DEPARTMENT OF PROFESSIONAL AND OCCUPATIONAL REGULATION.

All artists/studios are required to have a temporary insurance policy listing the "RVA Tattoo Arts LLC" and "Shamin/Koger LLC" as additionally insured. More info can be found HERE.

(We encourage our headliner artists to drop limited edition/exclusive and/or any new releases at our convention.  If you send us promo images we will promote your exclusive merchandise via all of our online outlets.)

Upgrades Available

You will be given nine weekend passes. Six for the artists and three for your assistants, friends, clients, etc. If you are in need of any additional weekend passes they can be purchased here for $50 (5 Max)

Official Richmond Tattoo, Art and Music Festival Merchandise

(If you purchase multiple T-Shirts please list any additional sizes below.)
(If you purchase multiple Hoodies please list any additional sizes below.)

Terms & Conditions

The Undersigned hereby affirms that the Undersigned has read and understands the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, and accepts and agrees to all of its terms and conditions. The Undersigned affirms that the Undersigned enters into this agreement voluntarily, with full knowledge of its effect.

The Undersigned affirms that the Undersigned is authorized, by virtue of the Undersigned's title with the business entity, to execute this document by the business entity or such other person on whose behalf it is submitted.

I am insured, either individually and/or under a tattoo shop and have listed RVA Tattoo Arts LLC and Shamin/Koger LLC as additionally insured.
I agree that I will not hold RVA Tattoo Arts LLC and/or Shamin/Koger LLC liable for any and all situations/injuries that may arise due to my negligence in either the application of all tattoos done at the Richmond Tattoo, Art and Music Festival and/or any injuries that may happen within the space that is allotted to me within the convention.
All artists are responsible for obtaining the proper release forms and legal documentation for all clients that are tattooed by them for the duration of the event. Release forms will be provided by the convention and should be returned to Registration by the close of the event.
I understand that RVA Tattoo Arts and Shamin/Koger LLC (the convention venue) are not my employers, and I recognize my status as an independent contractor within this convention.
$ 0.00