Headliner Contract

We’re super stoked to have you be our featured headliner for this years Annual Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival as well as the Annual Richmond Tattoo and Arts Academy!

As this years Headliner, we have agreed to pay you $9999, provide you with a 5’x5′ space to work/sell your art, any furniture needed to tattoo, and two medium size T-Shirts.  Upon signing this contract we will begin putting you on all of our marketing materials. Any promotional reciprocation on your behalf would be greatly appreciated.  Lastly, We would like to request that you please do not disclose these agreement details.

  • Once we receive your agreement we will cut you a check for 50% of the $9999 ($4999.50)
  • The remaining balance will be paid in full within 7 days after your participation in the event.
  • If you have to cancel your attendance to our event we expect:
    1) As much notice as possible so that we can adjust our marketing campaign.
    2) The initial deposit refunded within 2 weeks of cancellation.
    3) And your guaranteed attendance to 2020’s event for the originally agreed upon amount ($9999).
  • You are expected to purchase your own flight and book your own hotel room.
  • Please complete the following form within one week of receiving it so that we can begin marketing your participation in this years event.
  • Please Contact [email protected] or call (804) 342-1981 with any questions.

Contact Information

This is an invite only event. If you found this page without receiving an official RVA Tattoo & Arts Festival Invitation, please DO NOT PROCEED and instead, fill out a form HERE for future consideration.

If you complete this form and pay for a booth without receiving an official RVA Tattoo & Arts Festival Invitation, we cannot guarantee a full refund based on fees we incur.


Single Artist Space: - $450 Includes 2 Weekend Passes. One for you and one for a helper, friend, client, etc.)
  • Please promote your attendance to the convention as much as you feel comfortable.
  • If for any reason you cannot attend, please give us as much notice as possible.
  • We will be promoting your attendance to the show and kindly ask that you be at your booth during convention hours so that your fans know where to find you.
  • We would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to commit to judging at least one tattoo competition. We will be in contact with you regarding judging times.
  • The first hour that the floor is open will be dedicated to VIP guests/collectors so that they can meet/take photos with all of the celebrity tattoo artists as well as have first dibs on any exclusive merchandise that may be offered by the artists at the convention. We would like to ask you to be available for those initial hours so that the fans can meet/take pictures with you as well as purchase any exclusive merchandise you may have.

(We encourage attending artists/exhibitors to drop limited edition/exclusive and/or any new releases at our convention.  If you send us promo images we will promote your exclusive merchandise via all of our online outlets.)

This convention is by invitation-only. By listing a booth mate, you are submitting an artist for invitation. All booth mates must be vetted, and approved by RVA Tattoo Arts LLC.

Event Requirements

All artists are required to have a valid Virginia Tattoo License. If you do not, you must apply for a temporary license via the DEPARTMENT OF PROFESSIONAL AND OCCUPATIONAL REGULATION.

All artists are required to have a temporary insurance policy listing the "RVA Tattoo Arts LLC" and "Shamin/Koger LLC" as additionally insured. More info can be found HERE.

Upgrades Available

You will be given two weekend passes. One for you and one for your assistant, friend, client, etc. Additional weekend passes can be purchased for $45 (5 Max)

Official Richmond Tattoo, Art and Music Festival Merchandise

(If you purchase multiple T-Shirts please list any additional sizes below.)
(If you purchase multiple Hoodies please list any additional sizes below.)

Terms & Conditions

The Undersigned hereby affirms that the Undersigned has read and understands the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, and accepts and agrees to all of its terms and conditions. The Undersigned affirms that the Undersigned enters into this agreement voluntarily, with full knowledge of its effect.

The Undersigned affirms that the Undersigned is authorized, by virtue of the Undersigned's title with the business entity, to execute this document by the business entity or such other person on whose behalf it is submitted.

I am insured, either individually and/or under a tattoo shop and have listed RVA Tattoo Arts LLC and Shamin/Koger LLC as additionally insured.
I agree that I will not hold RVA Tattoo Arts LLC and/or Shamin/Koger LLC liable for any and all situations/injuries that may arise due to my negligence in either the application of all tattoos done at the Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival and/or any injuries that may happen within the space that is allotted to me within the convention.
All artists are responsible for obtaining the proper release forms and legal documentation for all clients that are tattooed by them for the duration of the event. Release forms will be provided by the convention and should be returned to Registration by the close of the event.
I understand that RVA Tattoo Arts and Shamin/Koger LLC (the convention venue) are not my employers, and I recognize my status as an independent contractor within this convention.
$ 0.00