Presenter Agreement

Thank you so much for presenting at this years Richmond Tattoo and Arts Academy.  We’re excited to see your presentation!  Please fill out the info below and if you have any questions feel free to email eventcoo[email protected] or call 804-342-1981.

Passport Info

(For anyone who is traveling internationally)
(We will do our best to accommodate but if for whatever reason we cannot get you the room you are requesting then we will contact you as soon as we find out.)
(We will do our best to get you the floor you have requested but if for whatever reason we can not get it then we will contact you as soon as we find out.)

Reimbursement for any money spent getting to and from convention will be sent via check within 30 days after the convention.  If you do not receive your check within that time please let us know and we will reissue another one.  Receipts must be submitted in order to receive a full refund.


Create a presentation that engages the audience at times (ie. asking them questions, etc.) Create some sort of handout, print, etc. that we can give to the attendees prior to your presentation so that they have something to take home that reminds them of your presentation. Make sure that your presentation is accompanied by imagery, videos, etc. that compliment the message that you're trying to convey. We will be recording all presentations to eventually have available online. If for whatever reason you are opposed to this please let us know at [email protected].