Gary Gerhardt

Gary Gerhardt started tattooing in 2006 after completing a 2 year apprenticeship at Little Vinnies Tatttoos in Baltimore, Md. He worked at Little Vinnies Westside location (a high volume walk in / street shop) , where he learned multiple styles of tattooing. Gary enjoys anything from the simplest walk – in style tattoo to large scale custom work. He also enjoys script lettering,  black and gray and american traditional. Gary tries to be able to do whatever walks in the door.
After Vinnies, Gary worked in San Diego, California and then eventually moved back to Maryland, where in 2014 he got the opportunity to work along side some of his favorite tattooers at Classic Electric Tattoo. Now in 2017 He has partnered with fellow artist and good friend John Rippey to bring you Key City Tattoo!!