hamilton_matt_charles_croppedHamilton collaborated with Matt Lively and Charles Berger on a mural and their finished piece is now being auctioned off on Ebay to benefit ART 180. ART 180 is a Richmond, Virginia based group that creates and provides art-related programs for young people living in challenging circumstances, encouraging personal and community change through self-expression with the goal of turning lives and communities around 180 degrees.

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Hamilton Glass’s career as an artist stems from his architecture and design background. Despite working in the architecture field for 7 years, his passion for public art pushed him to start a career as an artist. Public art has always been a big influence and inspiration of his, because of its power to influence and inspire the surrounding community. With every project he is given to create, a message is built in that connects the work to the community to in which it lives. Hamilton’s work usually distinguished by his use of architectural elements with bright vivid colors and sharp lines. The colors and unpredictable lines  are used to convey a certain energy and movement in each piece.

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