Jon Glessner

I grew up beneath the Alleghenies mountains, along the edges of the Ohio River. This too, is where I started out tattooing, at the age of 17 under the brief guidance of a man named Jeff Lambert. The years which followed starred a number of characters taking me in and pushing me on, Boney Joe Clark and Kevin Kerr, being the main dudes integral in my coming of age..

However, Western Pennsylvania was not quite stimulating enough for a young boy with a rambling heart for adventure, and once given the opportunity, I up and left for the big city.

Spending time with Jeff Zuck in Michigan, was my first introduction to what else the world, and this industry, had to offer. It kick-started something in me I never knew I had.

Philadelphia brought me to the likes of Adam Shields and Braden Kendall. Through the two of them I learned invaluable lessons in the great art of designing and painting Flash.

In 2004, My journey brought me to Baltimore, where a stayed put for 7 years. I was given the opportunity to work with two of my idols within he tattoo community, Matt Rinks and Seth Ciferri, a dream come true for a young and hungry tattooer like myself.

I have since been fortunate enough to have gone where work and life has taken me, places such as Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Sweden.

I could not be any happier about where I’ve finally landed, back in Baltimore, happily married with a two year old son, and last but not least, I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the ever so talented crew at Saints and Sinners. At this point there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.