Scott Sterling’s tattoo machines are legendary. He has been building them for 32 years. Long before the building craze we see in our midst. He learned this craft from the top builders of our past. Paul Rogers and Mike Malone to name just two. For years Scott was well known for being Malone’s building partner. If you wanted a shader from China Sea (the legendary Sailor Jerry/Mike Malone shop in Hawaii) you were getting one that Scott made. Those machines today (if not being used) are highly sought after by collectors. Now fast forward 32 plus years, Scott has taken this expertise and designed both a liner and a shader that will quickly be your #1 machines. A no-nonsense tool that will make a professional tattooers jobs easier. Just like years ago Scott makes these one at a time and tattoos with every unit before it leaves his hand. Scott has never been about quantity, only about quality.


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