3D Workshop by Saint Vasquez

Having Difficulty finding that perfect reference image or photo? Why not create your own exactly how you want it. Complete with angles, lighting and texture. This full day workshop will show you how, using blender 3D which is a FREE & OPEN SOURCE software package. Stay ahead of the technology curve by adding the knowledge of this workshop to your artistic arsenal.

  • Learn Blender 3D
  • Create your own 3D references
  • Go through the process of 3D sculpting
  • Apply lighting to your sculpt
  • Texture your sculpt

(MAC or PC Laptop with mouse and/or wacom tablet reccomended but not required for workshop)

Saint Vazquez

Director/3D Artist

Santelmo “Saint” Vazquez is a music video director, special fx artist, web designer, animator, and editor. Originally from San Antonio TX, and now resides in NYC working on various projects both commercial and independent. He has worked with various directors & companies such as Zodiac Fishgrease, Sporty Rich, Univision, ESPN LA, BranDiel on projects running the gamut of film, music videos, and commercials.

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