Tony Talbert

Tony Talbert got his very first tattoo here at the Revival 13 years ago, at 18 years old. This initial exposure to the tattoo world sparked a fire that would eventually lead him to becoming an artist. He received his apprenticeship working tirelessly in busy street shops in Richmond Virginia for 4 years, before moving back to Fredericksburg to be closer to family. In November of 2016, Tony received an invitation to join the Jack Browns Family, and has been filling in as Kenny Browns backup singer ever since. He has been professionally tattooing for 9 years, and loves to play Toto’s ‘Africa’ as much as possible. When Tony isn’t tattooing, he enjoys photography, and spends as much time as possible practicing bushcraft and hiking in the backcountry. This love for nature shapes his artwork, and he enjoys tattooing anything that reminds people to get outside.